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About Discmania

Discmania Store was established to serve the biggest market in disc golf - the United States. We offer you the best knowledge and variety concerning Discmania products. No matter if you're a dealer, beginner or a collector, we are here to help you.

Whatever questions you may have, please feel free to contact us


Here's our story:


Discmania Golf Discs is a European based brand established in 2006 by Jussi Meresmaa. Currently located both in the USA and Europe, we manufacture some of the world’s finest Golf Discs in association with Innova Champion Discs.


Discmania's vision is to be the most innovative Disc Golf company out there. 


Discmania is the first real global Disc Golf company, having offices both in the U.S. and Europe. Our mission is to provide the best DG equipment to all levels of play all around the globe. We also drive to grow the sport by supplying courses around the world, making international clinic tours and arranging some of the World’s best events.


Reinvent Your Game.


When Discmania founder, Jussi Meresmaa, was competing across Europe back in the 1990s, he discovered that this game can be mastered with only a handful of discs. The game of Disc Golf was at the same time simple and yet really complicated! The more you elevated your game the harder it got. The disc industry was spitting new models monthly (nowadays it seems like weekly). This galore of choices was growing huge. One needed to reinvent the game.

Somewhere in 2006, an idea of a unique disc line was born. We teamed with Innova and Dave Dunipace, the father of the modern sport golf disc. Dave’s knowledge mixed with our vision led to the genesis of Discmania Golf Discs. At first, Discmania made a disc that would go with every player out there. We started from this mid-range backbone, The MD1. Slowly, our repertoire started to shape up.

We focus on creating each disc like it would be our most important one. We focus to make a product that combines more than one feature. We design our products to be timeless. Our discs are somehow exclusive. Discmania is not the biggest brand out there and we like it that way.

A Lot More Than Plastic
Discmania is nowadays much more than discs. For example, many Disc Golfers are familiar with our completely free instructional video series “Discmania Deep in the Game“. We aim to give back to all players of this sport by providing means for everyone to better their game. Lately the Deep in the Game concept has evolved to a clinic tour run by 2009 World Champion Avery Jenkins with instructional clinics running through the Disc Golf hubs of both Europe and North America. 

One other aspect of the sport we feel very passionate about is organizing Disc Golf tournaments in the highest order. Our staff is responsible for events like the European Open and the European Masters, both PDGA Majors with very high visibility in both the Disc Golf world and media. We believe that big international events are one of the key ways to grow the sport and we will continue to push the limits of all that a PDGA Major can be.

One of our key functions as an all-around Disc Golf company is also growing the sport by building courses. For course development, we have our own concept, the DiscGolfPark. So far we’ve mostly been focusing our course building efforts in our home country of Finland and the fruits of this labour can be easily seen in statistics: The number of courses in Finland have more than tripled in our first 5 years of business. In the future we will continue to pave the way for the growth of the sport by designing and building courses in Europe and beyond.

Offices on Both Sides of the Pond
In early 2014, we opened our U.S. office in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We aim to bring a fresh perspective to the North American Disc Golf scene with the experience we’ve gathered being one of the leading brands in the European market. The new office also fills a vacuum of not having customer service personnel in the USA. As a brand, we always aim to be approachable, innovative and push the sport towards new standards. We believe that in order to reach mainstream status, our sport needs great innovative companies that also push other companies to do more and to give more back to the sport.