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Discmania CustomsAussie Open Custom Discs

Discmania Custom Disc Program

It's time to raise funds for your club or your event! This unique program offers you a special opportunity to spread the joy of Discmania Discs in your community. We have built this program for people who want to expand the sport and the awareness of Discmania in the United States.


Here's the deal:

Step 1

Open up our Order sheet (Downloads an .xls file). Go straight for your favorites or take a little time to study the sheet to see what Discmania has to offer you. If our line-up is not familiar to you, we are happy to help you out. All you have to do to get some advice is shoot us an email at Once you know what discs you want and have filled up our ordering form, it's time to move forward.

Step 2

Create a design that will amaze everyone! Disc design is one of the best ways to create a memorable event or leave a lasting impression. When you have a design in mind download our design guide. It's written to make sure we can make the best possible product for you. If you do not have ability to create the artwork you have in mind, don't worry. Our experienced disc designers can help you (but remember; our design team is busy, so it may take some time to perfect your artwork!). Once the design is set and the order sheet is sent in, sit back and relax. Design Guide

Step 3

You'll receive the package in mail! Please take a moment and make sure that it is all there and let us know how your masterpiece turned out. Posting your goods to social media can't do anything but help you here!

Step 4

In the future, we will have a special Discmania supported events page at Please, take a photo or two of your event and players and send it to us – we are more than happy to promote! As your happy players head home after successful event, start planning the next year… see you soon!



Minimum Custom order is 50 discs. The smallest amount per each model is 15 discs.

We want your decision to be as easy as possible. We keep it simple so the process is pain free and as easy as walk in the park. Pricing starts at $287.50 for 50 D-LINE discs. Your magnesium die plate (valued at $80) and our work will also be included in your quote from us. The last thing we will have to work with you on is the shipping, but that's the fun part because the discs are almost the way to you!

A successful Custom Project takes 2-4 weeks to complete so make sure you plan in advance. Shipping usually takes 2-6 days to arrive to you via USPS Priority mail after it leaves our facility. We try to complete your order and get your discs to you as fast as we can, but please plan early to make sure to get the best results.

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