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Luster C-LINE PD - Reinvent Retro

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Luster C-LINE PD - Reinvent Retro

Luster C-LINE PD - Reinvent Retro

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Reinvent your game with our Reinvent "Retro" design. As the tradition goes, Spring Fling is our time to debut our newest stamps to celebrate the disc golf season getting into full swing. Grab yourself one of these and check out the related models we have to offer and get throwing!

The Luster PD quickly became a fan favorite as soon as it hit the shelves. We are so proud to announce the addition of our Reinvent Retro logo being added to our world-famous PD.

Pro Tip: Though most of the Luster plastic has traditionally made the molds we have used more overstable, the PD actually became a touch less stable and we love it. Pair one of these with a less stable S or P-Line PD and a more overstable one and you will have exactly what you need to conquer your round. Give us some feedback on how you like each one of your PD's and we will be glad to talk with you about them.
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