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Discmania P-LINE MD3 (Mini Shield Stamp)


Quick Overview

MD3 lovers rejoice! the P-LINE MD3 is here in colors! It's time to start cycling your mids, when we tested these we found we could beat them into straight flyers but they stayed there because of low sleek profile. Designed with the power players in mind, the MD3 can handle a lot of power without flexing and always comes back down with a dependable fade. Great reliable midrange for all conditions. Compared to the Discmania hit midrange MD2, the MD3 is more stable both in high and in low speed. Grab yourself a pair – we bet you won’t be playing without one, once you’ve tried this out!

The 2nd run P-LINE MD3 has the flattest top of all MD3s even more than the fabled Glow C-LINE MD3 European Open "Wolverine" fundraiser disc. These discs are straighter and wear in nice and even. If you're used to seasoning and cycle midrange discs for your bag this disc is must try. Once you work in a set of these gems and pair it with our overstable glow or C-LINE MD3 you can have only 1 midrange to do all the jobs in your bag.

This midrange has our Discmania Mini shield Stamp stamp. The P-LINE plastic used to make these MD3's has a firm feel but still allows for grip. This disc is the 2nd run and like we said above it's FLAT. We are looking for your feedback and welcome all responses and opinions of this disc. Feel free to send us your feedback to

Check out what Simon Lizotte has to say about the MD3:
"The MD3 is somewhat comparable to the MD2 by it's feel in the hand, but that is where the comparison ends. The MD3 is more overstable, which makes it great for headwind shots and good for any kind of hyzer throws because of its reliable fade at the end of the flight. At max weight this disc is a great choice for players who throw harder and have faster arm speeds. The MD3 is a perfect addition for every player's bag."

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