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Discmania Luster C-LINE FD3

Discmania Luster C-LINE FD3


Quick Overview

Here is another of the newest members to the Discmania lineup, the Luster FD3. Though this disc has already made it's mark amongst the ranks, the Luster FD3 in particular is quite the achievement. In addition to it's stunning looks, these FD3's will serve a unique purpose and will make a great partnership to any others you may already have in your bag. Though the FD3 is traditionally quite the overstable flier, this run is noticeably less stable than any others we have made and add a bit more glide to the flight as well. Beat one of these up and you will have a disc that will fly straight and true with a reliable fade. This disc is highly recommended to players of all skill levels and will serve you well for years to come. This batch is extremely limited so make sure to grab what you can.

The Discmania line-up gets a much-anticipated addition in the form of a beefy fairway driver. The newcomer is called the FD3 and it is targeted everyone who can appreciate an overstable driver you can trust in all conditions. The FD3 features an aerodynamic low profile and a very comfortable concave lower rim.

Pro Tip: Luster FD3's are less stable than other runs we have made. If you are looking for a straighter flyer or another friend to pair with one you already have, this is the disc for you.

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