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Discmania Limited Edition Swirl S-LINE P2

Discmania Limited Edition Swirl S-LINE P2


Quick Overview

Swirl P2's pay another visit to the Discmania Store! Equipped with our fresh new "store specials" swirl design, this mold is yet another member to the family of our latest creations. Be sure to check them all out and collect each one.

The Discmania P2 is a significantly more stable putter than our P1 and was created specifically for professional level players. It is a very consistent driving putter due to its stability, it works great for approaches and shrugs off strong headwinds without flinching. You may also see many top professionals using it inside the circle works great for spin putts and fade-in.

World Champion Avery Jenkins:
"A great putter that can various weather conditions and all the torque that a player can literally throw at it. The P2 is a putter that so versatile that if you only had one disc to use it could be the only disc that you could ever need."

Pro Tip: These swirl P2's feel amazing. Some may not be as swirly as the rest, but the grip and feel of this run is fantastic. Don't take our word for it? Try them for yourself!

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